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Judgement Free Coaching Developed By 4 Times Britain's Strongest Woman Gemma Taylor

Wherever you’re starting from with your fitness and wellbeing, PowerBurn exists to help you feel better.

Honed over 20 years, our proven program is based on tried and tested methods inspired by many different disciplines from Power Lifting, Body Building, Strong Man, Plyo-metrics, Pilates, Yoga and HIIT Training. Whatever your starting point, fitness levels and end goals – we can support you and help you achieve your goals without judgement.

Our fully trained, expert coaches are here to support you using proven methodologies with a human touch to keep you on track and accountable.


PowerBurn Online

Improve your fitness and wellbeing. Reach your goals from home with PowerBurn Online.


The PowerBurn Studio

Local to Thirsk? Workout in The PowerBurn Studio.

What are Powerburners saying?

Training whilst suffering with arthritis has been a real challenge over the last couple of years. PowerBurn has been the exception to the rule. The programme has enabled me to build strength and flexibility safely with real results


PowerBurn is a unique, innovative and testing program. Top quality expertise combined with encouraging and welcoming individuals and it is a challenge on both your body and mind.


The other class members have been doing this a lot longer than me, but the only feedback my PowerCoach ever gives me is positive! She tailors each activity in the workout to meet the individual abilities and needs of everyone. Never worked out as hard in my life, but I feel safe, encouraged and can feel the benefits already.


After years of HIIT training I had plateaued. The PowerBurn program taught me a new way of training and real gains in just four weeks.



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