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What Is PowerBurn?

PowerBurn is a unique concept designed and created by Gemma Taylor in 2008 for all ages, abilities and fitness levels.

In her early career, Gemma was one of the founding members of today’s professional strong women movement. She has competed at the highest level and won accolades and world records for her performance in multiple international competitions, including 4x Gold Medals in Britain’s Strongest Woman and 2x European Cup Championship titles. Gemma also came 2nd in the World’s Strongest Woman Competition in 2011… 4 weeks after giving birth to her second child!

As a professional athlete she pulled planes, trains and deadlifted cars. Since retiring from the life of an elite athlete, she has built on her foundation of champion training techniques to study the neurological and biochemical implications of exercise.

"PowerBurn is not about looking good. It’s about feeling amazing!"


Join our family of like minded clients who are there to help you as much as themselves through support and shared success.


Gemma is committed to ensuring continual delivery of the highest standards in the industry.


With over 15 years of experience Gemma has a proven track record of helping clients transform their health and fitness.

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"Sometimes we all need a little help. PowerBurn can give you that."

PowerBurn is so much more than just having a PT, it is personal coaching! It includes professionally programmed workouts that are designed and scaled specifically for you, alongside help and support in creating a structure to plug into for a healthier, happier life!

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