When things get too much and you feel like giving up, that’s exactly the time you need support the most.

So why is it the hardest time to ask for help?

We believe the main reason so many of us fail to achieve our goals is because we don’t get the support we need at the right time.

Your membership includes unlimited 1:1 consultations with your PowerCoach to provide you with the support, guidance and encouragement you need, whenever you need it.

You’ve got the things you need to succeed already, sometimes we all just need a little support.

PowerBurn is not a military style bootcamp filled with hot-headed instructors.
Nor is it a drop-in gym membership where no-one knows (or cares) if you attend.

PowerBurn is a culture of commitment, connection and respect with one goal: helping you Feel Better.

Here are some of the things our members say after just a couple of weeks

“My family say I’m glowing, they can’t believe the difference” – Boo Zandu
“I just feel amazing, this is a way of life” – Andrew Lane
“Why didn’t I start sooner?” – Katie Ward

Our members usually start PowerBurn for all the powerful benefits it gives to their body and their mind. But time and time again, they choose to stay because of the life changing impact it has.

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