Creating a habit – EATING RIGHT! Gluten-Free

One of the subjects of the magnificent 7 is food! I’ve blogged about food before and the impact it has on not only our body but also our mind. At PowerBurn we believe in the traffic light nutrition system, which is based on a gluten-free principle and interchangeable with your goals. It could vary from […]

Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT

Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT Another wagon of our magnificent train riding us to awesomeness is SLEEP! When I hear most of us, including me at times, sleep is something we don’t tend to get enough of, yet this is such an important part of life! Question round, how much can you tell me […]

Creating a water habit – DRINK RIGHT!

How much water should I drink each day

Today I am going to discuss a very important subject! WATER!  We all drink it, we all shower in it, bathe in it, wash our clothes with it – where there is water, there is life!  Now as much as I like to go on about the different uses of water, as we all know […]