Creating a habit – EATING RIGHT! Gluten-Free

One of the subjects of the magnificent 7 is food! I’ve blogged about food before and the impact it has on not only our body but also our mind. At PowerBurn we believe in the traffic light nutrition system, which is based on a gluten-free principle and interchangeable with your goals. It could vary from […]

Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT

Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT Another wagon of our magnificent train riding us to awesomeness is SLEEP! When I hear most of us, including me at times, sleep is something we don’t tend to get enough of, yet this is such an important part of life! Question round, how much can you tell me […]

Creating a Habit – POOP RIGHT!

Today, we’re talking about poo!! I know this may be quite controversial, this is a subject I know a lot of people are shy talking about – everyone does it, yet not many people like to discuss this. I’m diving into the deep end with you today, because let’s face it, it’s just you and […]

Creating a water habit – DRINK RIGHT!

How much water should I drink each day

Today I am going to discuss a very important subject! WATER!  We all drink it, we all shower in it, bathe in it, wash our clothes with it – where there is water, there is life!  Now as much as I like to go on about the different uses of water, as we all know […]

How to become less of a stress-head

Stress, it’s something that many of us know in one way or the other. Lately things may have been stressful for some, whilst others found their peace in the quietness that was corona.  However we have all experienced stress in one way or the other. The main question is, how do you deal with stress? […]

How Does Intermittent Fasting Work?

Intermittent Fasting Blog Post

By now intermittent fasting, 5:2 diet and other methods of fasting are making a huge appearance on your social media feed. There are some celebs promoting this lifestyle and there have been countless books on this subject. You see it popping up and wondering what exactly it is, and how it will help you reach […]

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Maybe We Can Help

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? If you’re here then we can assume that at some point or another you have had feelings of being overwhelmed. Maybe like you’ve been stampeded over by a herd of elephants and you’re curled up in a little ball wishing you were everywhere but there? Like everything has gotten a bit […]

A stick, 2 water bottles and your body – a PowerBurn Tale

A stick, 2 water bottles and your body

So what is the PowerBurn program and how it works and what it actually feels like to do! I’ve touched on a few subjects already but today I feel it is a really big one, the exercise is a key part of PowerBurn, typically we provide 3 exercises a week divided into the lower body […]

Reach Your Goals Using Your Real Reason “Why”

Goal Setting demonstartion

Now before we dig deeper into everyone’s (including my own) favourite subject of meal plans and the golden ticket to a breathtaking body, I want to know your reason why you want to reach your goals? “Reasons are the pillars of the mind” Edward Counsel My reason “why” and how its helping me reach my […]

6.30am work-outs, PowerChats and Zoom

August 2020 – the lockdown situation in Belgium had softened and the gyms were open. Let me walk you through that thought process, when the gyms opened, my boyfriend and I went a few times a week at first, respecting the time slots, face-masks and endless amount of disinfectant. Like so many people, you start […]