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At PowerBurn your membership is so much more than just personal training, it includes professionally programmed workouts that are designed and scaled specifically for you.

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Gemma Taylor

In her early career, Gemma was one of the founding members of today’s professional strong women movement. She has competed at the highest level and won accolades and world records for her performance in multiple international competitions, including 4x Gold Medals in Britain’s Strongest Woman and 2x European Cup Championship titles.

Gemma also came 2nd in the World’s Strongest Woman Competition in 2011… 4 weeks after giving birth to her second child !

As a professional athlete she pulled trains, tractors and planes and deadlifted cars.  Since retiring from the life of an elite athlete, she has built on her foundation of champion training techniques to study the neurological and biochemical implications of exercise.

Where It All Started....?

Being the only woman in a male dominated industry opened Gemma’s eyes to something… Why aren’t more people represented in fitness? Everywhere you look it’s skinny women in skimpy outfits and muscly men with 6-packs.

Unlike the photoshopped goddesses splashed all over instagram, most of us didn’t win the genetic lottery- that’s simply not what most people look like.

And that got Gemma thinking… Why can’t amazing health be focussed on doing the right things for your body so you feel good on the inside first, and start looking good as a side effect?

In 2008 PowerBurn was founded with a mission to help everyday people achieve amazing health, feeling great doing it!

We have helped over 1000 people to achieve their goals with sustainable, long term solutions to their health, using tailored workouts, nutritional support and 1:1 coaching.

PowerBurn Expert Coaches

Meet our team of bright and brilliant PowerCoaches, personally trained and mentored by Gemma Taylor with one mission: To help you feel better!



Being a PowerCoach is so rewarding because it gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge and experiences. I empower my clients by giving them the knowledge they need to continue their journey even after they have moved on.



I love giving my PowerBurn groups the best work-out every time through loads of happy vibes and encouragement. As a coach I really love helping people, especially people struggling with wellbeing, weightloss or mental health problems.



My motivation for being a PowerCoach is to remove the many false truths told in the fitness industry, and allow people to make long lasting changes to their health and fitness. Whether it’s for peak physical performance or everyday wellbeing.


Anna Maria

Since I became a PowerCoach I love the feeling of connection I get from my classes. After qualifying as a personal trainer and wellbeing advisor in 2016, I developed a greater appreciation for cultivating healthy minds as well as healthy bodies. 

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