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Creating a habit – EATING RIGHT! Gluten-Free

One of the subjects of the magnificent 7 is food! I’ve blogged about food before and the impact it has on not only our body but also our mind.

At PowerBurn we believe in the traffic light nutrition system, which is based on a gluten-free principle and interchangeable with your goals. It could vary from eating only meat, vegetables, and healthy fats to including fruits and starch (not gluten) in your daily nutrition plan.

The reason why we are fond of eliminating gluten from our diet is that it has absolutely no addition to your health. Quite the contrary, you are more likely to get inflammation in your joints, problems with your gut health and to top off, it drains energy from your body, you will feel slow and tired more often.

If you want to know more about the possibility that you are gluten intolerant you might find this article of interest.

Question time, how much do you know about your food?

Now, what food do you think contains gluten? 

How many of these foods do you consume daily/ weekly?

Do you see them as a ‘treat’?

How do you feel on a daily basis?

These questions will help you get a little grasp of the matter, food is such a great subject, probably my favourite one to discuss because it’s so broad! There are so many things out there, so many food plans, diets, do’s and don’ts that it makes your head spin and eventually reach out to the nearest junk food you can find because that is what you’re craving.

The truth of the matter is, cutting out gluten, is the best thing you can do for your health!

What is gluten?

Gluten is a group of seed storage proteins found in cereal grains. Although strictly speaking  ‘gluten’ pertains only to wheat proteins, in the medical literature it refers to the combination of prolamin and glutelin proteins naturally occurring in all grains that have been demonstrated capable of triggering celiac disease. These include any species of wheat, barley rye, and oats as well as hybrids of their grains used for bread. Which means anything from bread to biscuits, cake, and every flour based pastry and savoury doughy goodness alike.

A majority of people are in fact intolerant to gluten without having knowledge of this. Crazy right? One little piece of information that is about to transform the way you’ll look at an entire food group.

When you take the liberty of looking up gluten related illnesses, it will tell you about the inflammation caused in the body. Furthermore, there are links to the brain, behaviour and so forth. 

But if it’s so bad for you, why is there an abundance of these foods in the supermarket?

I wouldn’t know, to be honest, I would only be speculating but what I do know is that their products are usually cheaper than vegetables, yoghurts, and all things good for our body. There is also a huge convenience aspect tied to them- how easy is it to just pick up a pre-packed sandwich or baguette? To get a burger or a pie on the go? It’s easier than getting a salad on the go or say a steak with vegetables.

The point is that eliminating gluten from your diet will change your lifestyle, you will have to make some amends, but not to worry, it takes only 4 weeks to create a new habit, 4 weeks, and some good planning.

Most places do offer really nice salads, vegetables, even gluten free options, that’s the positive twist in this story, because a lot of people have developed an intolerance to it, we have found ways to cater to this request to bring up alternatives. 

I would however steer clear from gluten free bread and biscuits because their sugar levels might still be high. Instead find some lovely new recipes, alternatives, ways to make your diet tasty and colourful!

This way you will feel better, have more energy (trust me, I’ve experienced it first hand), and have fewer complaints about aches and pains.

Guide to Paleo Substitutions [Infographic] | Cook Smarts

Here are some alternative food options to have a look at:

These are linked to the meal plans we like to work with here at PowerBurn, be sure to ask for your personalised meal plan upon signing up

Treats are for doggies, not for us!

I plead with you to stop seeing food as treats! That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your food, but what I do mean is that ever since we’ve been children, there has always been an unhealthy approach about food being treats, if you’ve finished your dinner, you’ll get a treat – sugar, … cake,… crisps,… — my point is, if you feel down or if you feel really good, and you think you deserve a cake or sugary treat, it brings our psychological and physical balance off. I will explain more about this in my blog about thinking and talking right! 

For now, let go of that habit of seeing food as comfort or treats, don’t use it on your children either, give them affirmation and love instead of sweets, they will thank you for it in the long run!

Using food to feel good should only be applied in the sense of using it to fuel your body! Saying that I’d like to say that it is your choice, you are responsible for what you eat, drink, how you act and how you feel. I’ve made a choice to eat bread again, I’ve also had some pastries after not eating gluten for over 2 months, in my experience, it was awful! My intestines cramped up, I felt sluggish and tired and my concentration was at a loss. 

This is my experience. It’s your choice if you’d like to give it a try, see how you feel cutting it out for 2 weeks. Please reach out if you would like some guidance and assistance, I am here to help, never to judge!

Let’s feel better together!

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