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Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT

Creating a habit – SLEEP RIGHT

Another wagon of our magnificent train riding us to awesomeness is SLEEP!

When I hear most of us, including me at times, sleep is something we don’t tend to get enough of, yet this is such an important part of life!

Question round, how much can you tell me about your sleep journey?

How many hours of solid sleep do you get a night?

Do you tend to wake up at night, if so, do the times seem to be frequently the same?

Is your phone part of your nighttime routine? 

Do you have other electronic devices in your bedroom?

How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? 

Do you tend to be tired or energized throughout the day? 

How many coffees do you need to function in the morning 😉 ?

Take some time to think about your answers and to evaluate your current sleep situation. Think about what you think might need improving. 

What does it all mean? What to do in order to improve your sleep?

Let me break those questions down a little bit – the hours of sleep a night can differ from person to person – however ideally I would say 6-8 hours of sleep a night are an absolute must. This being uninterrupted and deep sleep. This is important because whilst you sleep, your muscles will recover, your brain gets charged and you focus better – focus can also be down to nutrition, to be continued in my next blog 😉 the point being, that sleep is what keeps us healthy, it’s something we cannot do without!

There are some supplements that can be taken, I am personally a huge fan of magnesium, please contact us however before buying a supplement online, there are many different ones so in order to make sure you take a good one, share it with us. Check out how magnesium can aid sleep here

When you wake up during the night, due to different reasons, your sleep gets interrupted, this could be because your body is trying to tell you something! For example, do you ever find yourself waking up an hour or so before your alarm goes off? This is your body telling you that you’re anxious or stressed, waking up between 5 am and 7 am could be linked to the large intestine otherwise that you are emotionally blocked, according to Evi Porkopi, Neurolinguistic at Skema Projects. Other explanations are found here

this is really interesting and might give you an insight on something so glaringly obvious but completely invisible going on in yourself.

Now about your phone, whether it’s a phone, TV, or computer screen, they all equally shine brightly in our eyes with their blue lights, making our brains more active and awake and difficult to fall asleep. You know, when you lie awake trying to find the right position, actively going over every detail of your day and coming up with ways of answering someone 5 days ago? Your brain isn’t supposed to be this busy that late at night – here’s how to switch off!

The best thing to do is switching off all electronic devices and read or meditate before bed – that way you allow your brain to relax, unwind and maybe even retain some useful information. Allow this to happen 30 minutes to an hour before you plan on sleeping. Your brain and body will thank you for making this switch. 

There are also some lovely guided meditations that will help you get ready for bed:

If you’re someone who likes some background noise to fall asleep to, don’t reach for the TV, but invest in a sleep aid sound machine that will make neutral noises that are soothing. I’m pretty sure they can be set to a certain time.

If you have a partner, cuddle up to each other, give yourself some quality time, life is busy enough and sometimes you might find that it’s been a while that you’ve actually just cuddled! It is a great way of releasing endorphins – the happy hormone – and whatever stage in your relationship you’re in, you can always benefit from a good cuddle session! 

I hope that you found out more about your sleep patterns and are willing to make the changes that will benefit your sleep – 

Sleep tight!

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