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Creating a Habit – POOP RIGHT!

Today, we’re talking about poo!! I know this may be quite controversial, this is a subject I know a lot of people are shy talking about – everyone does it, yet not many people like to discuss this.

I’m diving into the deep end with you today, because let’s face it, it’s just you and me here!

Question round, what can you tell from your toilet visits?

First off, I’d like to ask you a few questions –

When was your last toilet visit?

How many times a day/ week do you poo?

Lastly, what does your poo look like?

Yes,… I really asked you what your poo looks like!!!

This is all really important! The frequency of your visit to the loo is really important and can tell you a lot about your gut health, so does the content of your toilet bowl after your visit!,some%20cancers%20and%20autoimmune%20diseases.

Have you ever noticed how babies poo not long after every meal they have? Well this is our baseline – our bodies are born to process our food fairly quickly – if this isn’t the case with you, then I hate to be the barer of bad news, but there could be something up with your gut!

What is up with my gut? What can I do in creating a habit?

This could be down to many things, but the main reason is usually your diet… our red plan is our gut inflammation rebuild – that is literally what it says on the cover! This plan is built to reduce the inflammation in your gut, it introduces a lot of natural fibres your body might be currently missing. I cannot stress the impact this has on so many other levels as well – hormonal, physical and emotional/ mental. 

The intestines are your second brain, troubled intestines could mean a clouded brain! The term ‘brainfog’ comes to mind but also the tiredness you feel, the bloated feeling you get after a heavy meal. There are many things that all originate in the gut. There is a reason why you’re told to trust your gut, well if your gut isn’t healthy, are you?

Gemma also developed an amazing gut rebuild programme in regards to leaky gut, I invite you look this one up for yourselves because this is something that is much more common than you actually think!
Don’t worry though, this is all easily mended by some love and care and vitamins you can take in order to get your life back on track and stop being full of krabbypatties 😉

The look of your poo can also tell you a lot about your health, with the help of the Bristol Stool Chart, you can now easily assess your poo and have a little health check – you’ll be pleased to know there is such a thing as the optimal poo – if this doesn’t sound goal-worthy, I don’t know what does!

When your poo is either too hard or too soft, you will get an indication of foods not being tolerated, not having enough fibre in your diet and so forth, please take the liberty of having a little poo investigation in order to understand your body even better. I’ve added a nifty little chart with some illustrations and explanations and a link below. Health and Fitness Melbourne Personal Training Gym

What if I’m feeling constipated? 

Again, this is probably down to your diet most of the time, but here’s a little golden tip for a golden drop 😉 

The ultimate poo-position is a squatted position, think back to the days when toilets didn’t exist or times you’re in the middle of nature and need to relief yourself, the first position you’d assume is a squatted position. This is because when seated, you squeeze your exit muscles shut in a way. To obtain this position at home is easily done by using a little step-up bench to raise your knees higher. I promise you, this will make such a huge difference! You no longer need to strain and push, it will help you in a way you’ve never experienced before!

Squatty Potty 9" ecco stool Potty Seat - plastic Potty Seat available at  reasonable price - Buy Baby Care Products in India |

So think about this next toilet visit, take some time to assess it in order to understand your body better because it’s your body! It’s important to know what’s going in, and I hope to have raised the importance of knowing what’s coming out!

In case of questions, doubts or wonder, know that our coaches are always up for a chat, we aint no Gillian McKeith, but we sure know about health and how to help you!

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