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Creating a water habit – DRINK RIGHT!

Today I am going to discuss a very important subject! WATER! 

We all drink it, we all shower in it, bathe in it, wash our clothes with it – where there is water, there is life! 

Now as much as I like to go on about the different uses of water, as we all know it, today I will discuss the importance of drinking enough water – because it can impact a huge part of our health!

If you want to see more benefits about drinking water click here

How much do you know about water?

First, let me ask you a question – how much water – plain water – do you drink a day?

Take some time to think about it……

Now how much water do you think you should drink a day? 

Do you reach that point daily?

I will think along with you guys, I’ve always been told that women should drink 1.5l of water a day and men 2l. right? Is that what you thought as well – roughly?

What I’m about to tell you, is going to blow your mind!

The correct amount of water to drink daily is in fact – drumroll — 1 litre for every 20kg you weigh!! Get your converters from stones and pounds to kilogram and tadaaaa!!!!! MINDBLOWN!!

Now do you reach this criteria daily? I am pretty sure you don’t! this is roughly 3 -5 litres for a woman to 4-6 litres a day for a man! That’s huge!!!!

Now you’re probably wondering, why so much, how do I even get to that amount daily? 

The body needs water for so many other things than to quench your thirst, when you’re inflamed, bloated or have muscle aches, it could be down to the amount of water you drink, or rather, don’t drink. I could go into science details but basically – water flushes all the toxins out. In the PowerBurn Process water is also essential, we are growing muscle cells to aid hormone and bodily function. It helps with cramps and soreness, regulating your weight and clear up your mind.

With this in mind, you would like to make sure you’re hitting your target and hitting it right, because your body is so important, and you really want to make sure you’re having the right input, there are some options that are more advised than others – we recommend to drink pure water, Icelandic water is a great example of this, Fiji water and Evian are also great options, but instead of dragging roughly 30 bottles of water weekly from the shops to your house there is another durable alternative – I would recommend to get a reusable water bottle – glass or aluminium ( there are some great bottles in pound shops) rather than plastic (plastic can leave residue of plastic in your body that take a long time to break down by your body plus you’re adding another toxin you are so desperately trying to get rid of, this is why plastic water bottles aren’t the best option) – get yourself a water filter, there are some non-expensive alternatives as well – this will filter out a lot of unwanted things from your tap water.

Now you’ve sorted out your water, let’s create a new habit!!

This is where you get into the habit of introducing a higher water intake into your daily lifestyle, whether you have a desk job, an active job, a stay at home job, there shouldn’t be an excuse, your lifestyle up to now has maybe made you tired, sick or sore.

Think back to your why, your reason for reaching your goals! Make this fun!

Set water goals!! This is a little example of how to get there

In the morning, before you grab to your much needed coffee or cuppa, drink half a litre of water – your body has been asleep for a hours and it needs water more than anything else! Ideally you add some lemon or lime juice to really detoxify!

Then get into the habit of drinking half a litre with every meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) 

Notice how that is 2 litres already?

During snack times again, drink that water!! 

It is that easy! 

What to do when you feel like you’re struggling? When it’s cold for example – you could go for a little tea, not a cuppa with milk, but a rosehip tea, mint tea or liquorice tea. It switches it up a little bit.On the red plan, you’re not eating fruit, but you can add cucumber to your water bottle, it’s so underrated, cucumbers are filled with electrolytes, that’s also found in a lot of sports drinks.

Cucumber water: Benefits and how to make it

Finally, adding Himalayan sea salt to your water is key as well, when you find yourself getting dizzy easily it’s because your salt levels are low – you needn’t add much, just a tip of grind salt in a litre and I promise, you’ll feel so much better for it!

Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

There you have it! So people, drink your water – stay hydrated – it is so much more important than you could have thought!

Create your water habit today

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