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A stick, 2 water bottles and your body – a PowerBurn Tale

So what is the PowerBurn program and how it works and what it actually feels like to do!

I’ve touched on a few subjects already but today I feel it is a really big one, the exercise is a key part of PowerBurn, typically we provide 3 exercises a week divided into the lower body on Monday, upper body on Wednesday and core on Friday. 

During the Zoom work-outs, we will have an initial first chat with you, assess how you are feeling today, then we show the work-out of the day, you can use this as your warm-up round. Then we proceed to ask if everyone is ok with the exercises, give alternative exercises in case of injuries or based on your entry-level. 

We have divided the month into 4 weeks (on some occasions 5 which is week  0) .

Week 1 is rehabilitation week, this week is focused on niggles and aches in your body, don’t be misled by the name, it’s not easy – you will feel the places in your body that pull, which is a great way of finding out your limits, within each round you can feel your body easing into the exercises and finding that you go further than your first round, which is a great feeling!

Week 2 is cardiovascular week, this is high energy and high heart rate week – the best way I can describe this feeling is wow! This week focuses on finding that sweet spot and keep going. We raise our heart rates and get the blood flowing all through our bodies – this causes a lot of red faces and usually a full class out of breath. The main benefit is that your cardiovascular health will improve and your endurance levels will go up!

Week 3 is strength week – I personally love this week – I privately nicknamed it Viking week – because boy does this make you strong! Even if you just use a stick and a few water bottles, it’s all about the body-mind connection, you engage your muscles in a different way, by squeezing the stick and the bottles, by imagining you have 100kg in your hands. 

Week 4 is strength and endurance – it is the beautiful marriage of week 2 and week 3 which only mildly describes the feeling you get when you’re working out, never mind how you feel afterwards. It’s intense and aims to get your heart rate up as well as making you feel like you’ve had a full-body workout. 

Week 0 – in the few occasions there is a week 0 – it’s a bit of a wild card – this could go from an MEP’s contest between different classes and coaches to a whole stretching week, it depends really.

MEPS are a measurement of heart rate levels during your work-out measured by the MyZone belt that we encourage you to get, this way the coach can monitor your heart rate during the work-outs. 

During weeks 2 and 4 are crucial to get your heart-rate nice and high, we then encourage you to push yourself just that little bit more when needed. It’s a great tool that made my experience even better. I’ve worked out during my first 2 months without the belt, I felt a little bit sad knowing that my efforts weren’t recorded to be honest. When my belt arrived, I couldn’t do a single workout with it. The belt pushed me a bit more, I really wanted to aim for the yellow or the red as my coach pushes me through the last round! (fun plus – because PowerBurn collaborates with MyZone, we get a nice discount on the belt – it’s a win-win)

It’s safe to say that I love PowerBurn, it gives me a purpose, it gives me a date with myself – that one hour, 3 times a week is for me – and no one else! The amazing support of the coach each time, the feeling that I have when I’m working out- and after – is indescribable! This all without the stress of getting in a car, to the gym and back, without the worry of anything else – just within the comfort of my living room.

If you are wondering if you’re going to get a good work-out with only a stick and a few water bottles, believe me, you will never have felt like you’ve worked out harder in your life!

Of course you can use a bar, and hand weights as well once you progress, but that is a choice.

This is the beauty of PowerBurn, never in my life have I experienced a work-out where you can put a professional weight lifter and my mum in the same group and they will both have a really good work-out, they will both be equally sweating at the end of the class!

So step up, this is your moment! It’s not selfish to think about yourself! By making yourself happy, you will function better and you will achieve more than you thought you would!

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