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Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? Maybe We Can Help

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed? If you’re here then we can assume that at some point or another you have had feelings of being overwhelmed. Maybe like you’ve been stampeded over by a herd of elephants and you’re curled up in a little ball wishing you were everywhere but there?

Like everything has gotten a bit too much like you just feel like there is no way out? In the meantime your household is falling apart, your laundry basket is flowing out onto the floor as it gradually becomes the new floor? Your dishes are all dirty and you just feel like they are fine where they are because you really cannot be bothered with them? 

Then there are people, eurgh, people, just no,… you want to be left alone, you are fine here by yourself, wallowing in your self-pity, eating ice cream out of the tub with a big spoon watching Netflix – this is your safe spot… 

I know, … I know,… I was there – even now, even after I’ve managed to process a great deal of my life, even with the exercise – I was there.. and believe me, it’s not a nice place to be.. 

When I stopped feeling overwhelmed and how to get going again!

Today I want to tell you how exactly I got over this, because it’s going to happen, when you allow it to happen. 

Let me explain, think of it like a scale, from 1 to 10 – now imagine there being a line right in the middle, let’s call it 5 – now below the line, are all the bad things, the have to’s and need to’s and must and hate, despair, grief, sadness, all the things that make you feel heavy. Above the line, you have the I would like to’s, the I chose to’s the happy, accepting, forgiving, laughter and giggles and many more, the lighter things in life.

Now with this in mind, give yourself a current score out of 10 – how are you feeling today? Is your day not so great, did you get frustrated or angry because of work? Did your kids not do what you asked them and that upset you? Are you having rows with your partner? Then you’re most likely below the line. However if you’ve had a great day, feel good about yourself, accomplished, you are probably above the line – there are just a few examples, but take a minute to assess where you are right now.

This is where you can ask yourself why you are where you are, what would change if you could change it? 

I personally was on a swing set constantly going below and above the line the past few days,… In my journey with PowerBurn, I learned to love myself, I went from living a below the line life to an above the line life – things here are amazing, positive, I don’t feel bad about the choices I make because I make those choices, I feel good about my choices, confident even. So why do I let myself go below the line? Why? That is the million dollar question,… this is where the processing comes in. This is something that isn’t easy to do by yourself when you’re below the line, sometimes you just cannot ask yourself the right questions and you dwell on all the wrong things – so what do you do then? What do you do when you cannot go through a process? Do you stay below the line and watch the world around you burn while you sit safely beneath your blanket? No.

No, this is where you learn to look at yourself in the mirror, you look into your non-dominant (left eye if you’re right handed- right if you’re left handed) and you see yourself. You talk to yourself, tell yourself that whatever is bugging you, sucks – tell yourself to put that in a little corner of your mind and we will process it later. If it helps , actually imagine yourself picking the problem up, the little grey cloud, and putting it in a box – ready to open it later. Because otherwise, you will feel worse..

That’s exactly what I did, and it’s like my eyes opened up – I saw my dishes and laundry and thought – oh dear! So I went on and cleaned it up, got on with my day, and ended my pity party of one!

Another really important tool that helped me, is my self-love workbook – this is a workbook designed by Gemma and it’s great! Check out the next blog post with details about what it meant to me and how it can help you! 

Know that when you feel like there is no way out, there is! You’re not alone in this

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