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Reach Your Goals Using Your Real Reason “Why”

Now before we dig deeper into everyone’s (including my own) favourite subject of meal plans and the golden ticket to a breathtaking body, I want to know your reason why you want to reach your goals?

“Reasons are the pillars of the mind”

Edward Counsel

My reason “why” and how its helping me reach my goals

When I started with my own fitness journey, I wanted to know all about the food, I looked up countless diets, tried a good few diet pills and shakes galore, I restricted myself to the bare minimum of calories a day, I did it all ( like I’m sure you have at some point) – however, I never once stopped and asked myself … WHY?

As part of the PowerBurn coaching programme – and incidentally the PowerChats – we stand still and ask you WHY – why do we do what we do, why do you want to work-out? Why do you want to eat better? Why do you want to reach your goals?

This is individual for everyone and there are no right or wrong answers, but finding out your reason why is the one missing link between going “on a diet” or starting to go to the gym but stopping and giving up after a while.

Your why is your motivation – your why is the deepest darkest reason you want to do this!

The outcome

Let me just be really honest with you – if I didn’t find my own reason why, I would have probably gone ahead and quit yet again … because now, I have a purpose, that actually goes beyond the first reason why I started this. At first, it was superficial, like wanting to be skinny, wanting to be a size 6 – however, now, my WHY is …

To become a stronger woman, both emotionally and physically!

This is a long way from my initial goal and that’s because I realised that this goal is what’s driving me! I am losing weight in the process, and this brilliant, but it now goes far beyond this! 

The thing is, I couldn’t have done it on my previous goal! I am now learning to eat because I fuel my body, I take care of my body, and my body takes care of me.

I am standing firmer in my shoes, all because of my reason why!

This is why “Your Why” helps you reach your goal and is capable of making such a difference – in my experience, it helps determine lifetime goals, not a number on the scales or fitting into those pants you really badly want to wear again, but the actual reason behind it all. This takes a lot of questioning, and a lot of digging, but once you reach that final answer, the actual truth within each and every one of us, you will find it worthwhile, and the other ‘superficial’ goals, will follow! 

What you need to do

All it takes is for you to take that step in resetting your mindset – to open your eyes and to be truthful to yourself – because if there is one certainty in our lives, it is that you are the most important person in your life – other people, family members, friends, partners, children, they are only in your life from or to a certain point, but you have been there from the moment you’ve come to this world until your very last breath – cherish you! Be truthful to yourself! Listen to yourself! Respect yourself!

If you are also curious to find out your why and are not sure how to do it? Reach out! Talk to me or my fellow coaches! We’re here to help you!

Until then, be kind to yourself!

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