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6.30am work-outs, PowerChats and Zoom

August 2020 – the lockdown situation in Belgium had softened and the gyms were open. Let me walk you through that thought process, when the gyms opened, my boyfriend and I went a few times a week at first, respecting the time slots, face-masks and endless amount of disinfectant. Like so many people, you start well, then after a few weeks, we started going less and less.

At this point I’d had an amazing zoom reunion with Gemma and I was very fortunate to be starting the PowerBurn Online training programme. Gemma did however encourage me to start at 6.30 am (local time) – that was out of my comfort zone, as my usual morning routine consisted of waking up a half hour before leaving for work, quickly getting ready, skipping breakfast but bringing a ‘healthy’ breakfast biscuit to work to eat at my desk. This quickly changed!

As my morning work-outs progressed, I felt better, still tired as anything in the morning, but once the work-out was over, I felt awake and motivated enough to make myself an egg sandwich in the morning to eat before work – it changed me, I felt good after the work-out, before the work-out. Believe me when I say though, there were many days where I wanted to quit, but the one thing (read person) that got me though, was my coach, Gemma, having someone to hold you accountable makes this whole experience so much better!

One day, I had a really bad day though, one of my family members had passed away, it ripped open a huge wound that had been shut for a long time – that morning, I was angry, I was sad, I was lifeless and preoccupied – my coach picked up on that and held me back after class to talk – we booked in a PowerChat then and there – Sidenote – a PowerChat is a wide concept that can be used to your advantage, the coach uses it as a first meeting process but also to help you process thoughts – it is basically tailored to your own needs – The evening of the PowerChat came around, I was really happy to meet with Gemma – she talked to me, asked questions and dug really deep into my emotional blockages, revealing a tsunami of
emotions, things that I held with me, my backpack that I carried with me every single day – the heavy feeling I had – she helped me unburden myself of that backpack in a way that no one else ever had! Believe me, I’ve been to different councillors and psychologists but no one ever helped me in the way my coach did!

After countless tears and shouting – my body felt at ease – I felt lighter – I felt relieved, my throat unclenched after that horrible feeling like I’ve actually choaked up from keeping everything in for so gosh darn long!! When everything was said and done, I got given a few words that changed my perspective – an answer – something I went to so many different people for to find, yet here my coach came and gave me the answer! How I took it and what I did with it though, was up to me and my own will – that is something I came to learn as well – that’s the thing though, you often have answers and find answers – but what you do with it or how you apply it, is all up to you! When you feel like you’ve hit a wall, may it be physical, emotional or personal, know that you are not alone! Shit happens and we are responsible for the next step!

Bye for now!

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